Archyle is located on the northern coast of the main continent. 

Archyle has had a long and bloody history.  It began over a thousand years before King Gavin Haleven of Avachyle.  Silverclaw was the tyrannical leader of a clan of dragoyles that lived within Archyle.  Dragoyles had lived here for awhile but never had they had such a bloodthirsty leader.

Silverclaw led the dragoyles in raids that sickened many of them, but they feared to turn against him.  He led them with fear and hatred.  Those who opposed him, died.  Silverclaw had a secret force that did nothing but seek out traitors and opposition. 

The dragoyles were threatened during the end of Silverclaw's reign.  The tyrant had allowed a few tribes of humans to live within his land, but kept them under guard and forced them to obey him.

The humans were not dumb however.  They secretly gathered together and prayed to the goddess Mystaris for strength.  Though Mystaris had originally created the dragoyles, she was displeased with this one clan.  She agreed to aid the humans and give them the strength of magic.

With the aid of Mystaris, the humans fought
against the dragoyles and won.  Only a few scattered dragoyles survived; those who had disagreed with Silverclaw.  They quickly joined with the humans to create a new kingdom of Archyle.

Kingdom Structure

Archyle would be ruled by a council of five.   All important matters would be brought before the council who would decide upon the outcome.  These rulers would possess the strongest  powers of magic within the kingdom and would gain a special blessing from Mystaris.  These rulers are called the Knights of Spirit, or the Color Knights.  Each wears armor marked in their color.  They are more powerful together and can accomplish great tasks as one.  

They are:

Gold Knight = powers over Spirit
Blue Knight = powers over Water
Red Knight = powers over Fire
White Knight = powers over Air
Black Knight = powers over Earth

The humans ruled Archyle peacefully for hundreds of years with about a half dozen dragoyles to help.  A small town was built in a break in the mountains to the north so that Archyle could have access to a port.  Many wonders were created in Archyle and the people were happy.  But one day, hordes of goblinoids from the mountainous valley of Drakenmoore directly to the south thundered into Archyle.  The Knights and soldiers fought bravely but there were too many enemies to fight. 

The Knights of Spirit banded together to preserve Archyle and the knowledge within.  They encased the entire city of Archyle in a bubble of magic on another plane.  Only about a dozen soldiers remained.  They joined into ranks and battled valiantly, taking down several times their number of enemies before they fell.  The Color Knights, their squires, and two remaining dragoyles fled to the town until the goblinoids left. 

When it was safe to return to the hill where Archyle once stood, the Color Knights created a small underground room accessed by a wooden trapdoor.  The Gold Knight descended into the room and carried with him the secret history of Archyle and knowledge of its secrets.  The two dragoyles, twins by the names of Crystrias and Cevontrios, stood on top of the trapdoor.  The remaining Color Knights used their magic one final time to encase the dragoyles in stone.  Only a special person bearing a "Magical Key" would be able to release the dragoyles and open the trapdoor.  This person would be the only person capable of restoring Archyle to its former glory.

The Color Knights created the "Magical Key" and prepared to carry it to a place of safety.  They instructed their squires to always keep the faith and watch out for this special person.  They were to go to the northern town.  Their future generations were to remain there and guard the town from evil.  They were to also  watch for this special person and guide him/her towards the "Magical Key."  When the squires left, the Color Knights begin their journey.

They journeyed far and finally reached a place of safety.

The "Magical Key" was given to Cansydia.

To the east of Archyle is a small forested island named Bunngidia. Not much is known about this place. There are people living there but they keep to themselves.




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