Avachyle has been the ancient home of the Halevens for over a thousand years. The Halevens rule over
the entire southern half of the island, consisting of the castle Avachyle and the cities Rycaris and
Tevar. They worship Mystaris--the goddess of neutrality and nature.

The Kingdom of Ruskoffity rules the northern half of island and is the home of the Black Knights
devoted to Gartraynis--a god of honorable warriors and combat. The Black Knights have maintained
a solid alliance with Avachyle ever since the Halevens helped free them from the clutches of
Jai'Quel (see Conquest of Fire).

Gavin Haleven raised the legendary Gemini Dome from the depths of Avachyle. It now hovers slightly
south of Avachyle castle and is the primary ruling place of the Haleven family. It is an artifact of great
magic and even more mystery.

Much is unknown about the Dome.




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