Cansydia is a magical city enclosed in a dome far to the southwest of Avachyle. 
The city is located deeply beneath the ocean.
Only those with magical means can travel to Cansydia and 99% of the world is not even aware
 that the city exists.  Only one family outside of the mystical city knows about Cansydia and
that is the royal family of Avachyle--The Halevens.

When the Prince-Heir of Avachyle turns 8 years old, he/she is sent to Cansydia to study
at their Academy.  There they learn the ways of magic as well as the significance of
Cansydia within the world of Tetron. 

Cansydia plays an important part in the world.  It is the "power station" for the magic
within the world.  It pumps the magic throughout the world.  When magic is
"used up", it returned to Cansydia, where it is regenerated into usable magic.

The Academy of Cansydia is probably the most important structure
within the city.  Students go to the Academy for 5 years.  Throughout the years,
they are known by the following ranks:  Novice, Apprentice, Illusionist, Mage, Wizard.
When they graduate, they become Sorcerers and help to maintain the magic
throughout the world.

In the Academy, there are 6 guilds that students can belong to if they are
accepted.  They stick together and participate in different contests and
events with each other. 

The 6 guilds are:
Dracons, Ursidallus, Mystidon, Mustellis, Sirenia, and Nautilin.




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