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The world of Avachyle is made up of different creatures, large and small. Each creature has special abilities. 
Listed below are the various magical creatures within Avachyle and their traits.

1) a special place on this website with as much or as little as you wish about your child listed.

2) the chance of having a creature named after your child in a future Avachyle book.
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entitle you to a free copy of the book that the name is used in.)


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Dragon - powerful and wise and more than a little egocentrical. They are the true powerhouses of Avachyle and known to be strong both physically and in the magical arts. Their one weakness would be in their pride and vanity. They can fly and breathe fire.

Dragoyle - strong physically but very weak in magical abilities, these creatures are loyal and honorable. They will be true to their word and will never let you down. They can fly.

Cheron - a small creature--no more than 2 feet tall--that is highly attuned to magic. They also have very strong telepathic and empathic abilities, which make them ideal companions to magic-users. Very loyal to their friends and allies.

Fae - very helpful and friendly. They have a strong affinity with magic. They can fly.

Unicorn - majestic and magical, they are also very mysterious and beautiful. Legend claims that all unicorns are female and that only women can find them.

Gryphon - strong and powerful, these creatures can fly. They have no magical ability but are fiercely loyal to their friends.

Imp - very mischievous and clever. They have strong magical powers much like the Cheron. They are not very loyal and will change sides and opinions frequently.

Dracolf - part dragon and part wolf, this crossbreed is a mystery to many people and is considered to be very rare. They can fly and breathe fire. They are strong physically, but have no magical abilities.

Tree Elf - these creatures are attuned to nature and are only located where there are trees. They have strong magical powers but only where related to the earth. They are also very strong physically.

Firasus - these creatures are extremely rare. They are powerful flying creatures that have fiery hooves, tail, and mane. They have powerful magic, but only where related to fire.

Troll - Extremely strong physically, but they have no magical ability. Nothing can best them in an unarmed wrestling match.

Furry - cute and cuddly creatures that are friendly to everyone. They do not fight and have some magical abilities that they mostly use to heal other's wounds.


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